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Britneff, Anthony
(years of service:1972 - 2010)

As submitted by Jim Snetsinger:
Anthony Britneff, after 39 years of public service with the B.C. Forest Service, has announced that he will retire on March 31, 2010. Anthony is well known around the province and knows the province well. He emigrated to Canada in 1967. In 1968, Anthony worked on the last log-drive on the Gatineau River in Quebec. As an undergraduate of forestry at the University of New Brunswick, he crossed Canada to B.C. each summer to work with the Inventory Division. In 1969 and 1970, he was a compassman on the Cottonwood and Fort Nelson PSYU forest surveys. By 1971, he had been promoted to tallyman surveying the Kingcome PSYU from the largest boat in the Forest Service's coastal fleet, the "Forest Surveyor". By 1972, Anthony had a choice between a job in New York or one with the B.C. Forest Service. He tells me that he has never regretted for one moment the decision he made.

As a newly appointed forest classifier with the Inventory Division, Anthony surveyed Finlay PSYU in 1972 and the Creston PSYU the year after. From classifier Anthony was promoted to Assistant Project Supervisor to lead the new Environmentally Sensitive Areas projects in the southern interior of the province. Next, Anthony moved to work under Julius Juhasz in Valuation Branch to supervise large crews undertaking lumber recovery studies in mills throughout the province providing the appraisal system with LRFs.

Anthony has always had a keen interest in learning and it is my understanding that he was the first professional employee to take advantage of the education opportunities offered in the new collective agreement. He attended the School of Public Administration graduating with an Masters in Public Administration(MPA).

Back at Inventory Branch, Anthony reported to the director for many years before becoming the reports officer. In this latter capacity, Anthony won the largest employee suggestion award ever granted for saving the ministry millions a year by moving inventory reporting from the IBM mainframe to PCs using reporting systems that he designed. Anthony, as the reports officer at Inventory Branch, was one of the ministry's representatives on the Old Growth Strategy, which led to the Protective Areas Strategy.

With his eyes on the horizon Anthony left the Inventory Branch winning a job with the newly formed Forestry Division Services Branch where he applied his MPA learning as a business planner. Anthony won a competition to become the Strategic Planner for Forestry Division before making another move to Forest Practices Branch where he kept wheels turning on the silviculture file after the core review before being asked to lead and rebuild the provincial forest health program, which Anthony has acknowledged as "the highlight of his career".

Never timid to take on a challenging opportunity , Anthony has capped the highlight of his career working on the climate change and forest carbon files, areas to which he brought his considerable skills and passion for stewardship.

After several long walks with his dog Dancer, and with the support of his family, Anthony has chosen to hang up his hat at the Forest Service and to undertake new opportunities while he enjoys both health and abundant energy.

A farewell reception for Anthony is being planned, with details in our Events Calendar. Please join the Forest Stewardship Division in wishing Anthony the best of experiences in his new journeys.

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